Sunday, October 2, 2011

"End of Days" song and related animated video reviewed on Cosmic Jaam

The song and video titled " End of Days"by Kail Maheswaran  is currently on Cosmic JAAM at
It was reviewed and favorably critiqued by Lonnie McAfee , the review which can be found at the link above was:
An infectious beat and ominous hook carry a haunting and sonorous baritone vocal, both deeply sincere and ironic, over a sparse and mournful sonic landscape. Elements of Middle Eastern, Indian, Reggae and Hip-Hop music are diced and seasoned to perfection in this stylistic melting pot of musical lovemaking, while psychoactive textures and disquieting samples serve to give it that extra bite that will keep the listener coming back for seconds and perhaps thirds.
Overall, I'm very happy with the track–production value was great, loved the vocals… the meaty bassline held the mix together nicely, while the percussion was masterfully handled and gave it a danceable lightness. This is a band I would love to see live.
Being a bit of an After-Effects/digital production geek myself, I was extremely impressed with the accompanying video, with its alternating otherworldly and apocalyptic subject matter, its chaotic desperation, its juxtaposition of sorrowful and inflammatory imagery… certainly a rewarding watch. My only gripe is the brevity of the work–what could have easily mutated into a seven-minute jam epic was sadly truncated into some two-and-a-half minutes. All in all, however, this is an A+ work of art that I would gladly recommend to anybody with a passion for music....."
You can find more of Kail Maheswaran at
—Lonnie McAfee