Thursday, July 21, 2011

Soma's new release

Currently working on the follow up CD release to Soma's " First Takes at Last Call " which is available as a download here : First Takes at Last Call by Soma . The follow up CD tentatively titled "SOMA:Adventures in Drum n Bass "  is a collection of original songs captured live over a span of two years from several Miami, Fl venues . There will also be a few extended improvisational jams that showcase the creative interplay that could only be fueled by the adrenaline of being " in the moment " live in front of appreciative audiences. It's planned to be released this fall.....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Animated Music Video for " End of Days"

                                                     This is an animated video I created a few months back for my original song titled " End of Days ". It's a combination of animation and real time video. The song and video deal with the general idea of Armageddon from greed, war, and hate here on Earth . While the events of destruction are unfolding , the Annunaki  , or alien overseers are watching while mankind create their own hell .... or at least that was a the overall idea I was going for within a two and a half minute project  Lol